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Do you need to buy or sell a property in Melbourne? Property conveyancing is a complex process that involves legal and administrative work from the buyer and seller. Here at Orange Legal Group, we are a group of Melbourne-based conveyancing lawyers here to assist you. Our office can provide conveyancing services to help you make the right purchasing and selling decisions.

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Who We Are

Melbourne Based Property Law and Conveyancer

Orange Legal Group provides property law & conveyancing services and financial services such as home loans, refinances & construction loans (in conjunction with Orange Home Loans).

We have extensive experience in property law & conveyancing, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Sale, purchase & transfer of property
  • Developments & subdivisions
  • Partition agreements
  • Stamp duty concessions & refunds
  • Advice on documents such as guarantees, bank loans & mortgages.

Orange Home Loans offers finance solutions for your purchasing and refinance needs. Using our in-house mortgage broker eliminates the risk of information getting misinterpreted or avoidable delays between conveyancer and mortgage broker. We also have an in-house accountant, Orange Accounting, who can assist with any tax related enquiries or if you are looking to have all of your affairs managed by our one-stop-shop.

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Great service from Kenan at Orange Legal Group. Switched on, professional and very helpful with private mortgage docs and also used to sell a property.

Kenan did an incredible job making a rapid, smooth and easy settlement on the sale of our house. Thank you for the excellent service, would definitely recommend to anyone.

Engaged Kenan & Orange Legal Group for sale of a property. Outstanding at every turn. Excellent communication, rapid response times and tremendous outcomes.

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What We Do?


Property Conveyancing In Melbourne

Do you require legal assistance with property conveyancing in Melbourne? Contact Orange Legal Group today. The renowned conveyancing solicitors, Melbourne.

Orange Legal Group can assist you with all of your conveyancing needs for when you need to buy or sell your next property. Our services include conveyancing for residential properties as well as commercial properties, farming land, new or established homes and vacant land.

We are a team of qualified property lawyers that can help prepare your contract of sale and vendor statements. We can attend to the discharge of your mortgage and also liaise with your real estate agents to settle the sale of your properties.

Our team can also assist in other property-related services, including refinances, spousal related party title transfers, stamp duty refund applications, subdivisions, and general property law advice.

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Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property

We offer conveyancing services to help our clients buy, sell, and transfer their property to another party. We guide settlement and title transfer procedures to ensure our client’s rights are protected and meet all legal obligations. Moreover, our team of conveyancing lawyers and solicitors manage the transfer of documents, so you know a home or commercial space will be rightfully and legally transferred.

Developments and Subdivisions

Developments and Subdivisions

Property developments and subdivisions can be very complex with a large number of variables to consider before the process. We can help you better understand these details while assisting you with your applications and documents.

Stamp Duty Concession and Refunds

Stamp Duty Concession and Refunds

It is common for our clients to find out that they have made an overpayment to the State Revenue Office. This will result in the need for reassessment to obtain a stamp duty refund for the overpaid amount. At Orange Legal Group, we have a team of local stamp duty specialists that assist you in applying for refund from State Revenue Office for your purchased property.

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Partition Agreements

A partition agreement defines how a property that has been subdivided will be split between co-owners and it is essential to correctly prepare the agreement to avoid or reduce the cost of stamp duty and other taxes involved in the transfer. Our team of experts can help you with the procedure and ensure the agreement is correctly prepared.

Bank Loan, Mortgage and Guarantee Document Advice

Bank Loan, Mortgage and Guarantee Document Advice

Do you need advice on guarantee documents? As expert solicitors, we know the risks involved in being a guarantor on a loan. We can offer you comprehensive legal advice to ensure you understand the rights, obligations and risks linked to providing your guarantee to a lender.

Free Pre-signing Contract Reviews

Free Pre-signing Contract Reviews

Want to have your contract reviewed by conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne? Bring your contract of sale to us and allow our team of experts to review the document before submission. We can explain the contract to you to help you get answers to all your questions.

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Our Expert Team

Our experienced staff at Orange Legal Group can provide conveyancing services from a practising solicitor. Discover the difference today.

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Kenan Akyildiz

Principal Solicitor & Director

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Chris Akyildiz

Mortgage & Home Loan Specialist

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Jason Ioannidis

Chartered Accountant

Rob Miletic

Principal Solicitor

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that our clients will have an array of questions for our solicitors. Let us answer some commonly asked questions about conveyancing services below.

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    What is conveyancing?

    Conveyancing is the procedure of transferring a home’s ownership from one party to another. It involves all the legal and administrative work linked to the transfer. The conveyancing process is tedious and begins after an offer made for a property has been accepted. To seek guidance with the complicated procedure, it is best to hire a conveyancer who is a licensed and qualified professional offering advice on selling and purchasing a property and helping in preparing legal documentation for property transfer.

    What is the difference between a conveyancer and a lawyer?

    A conveyancer specialises in the conveyancing process of transferring ownership of property from one party to the other. As far as a lawyer is concerned, they offer property law and conveyancing services along with a broader range of legal services. Lawyers have specialised knowledge in the legal field and can be approached for various legal matters other than conveyancing.

    What does a conveyancer do?

    The primary role of the conveyancer is the legal transfer of the property from seller to buyer. Our team at Orange Legal Group can help you make this process simpler and easier.

    Who pays conveyancing fees, buyer or seller?

    Whether you are buying a property or selling one, you will require a conveyancer to help you carry out the paperwork related to the real estate transfer. In most cases, the buyer and seller hire their conveyancers, who are likely to coordinate with each other on behalf of their clients. This means both parties pay their own conveyancer.

    What documents do I need for conveyancing?

    In most cases, conveyancing requires documents like a contract of sale, loan contract, certificate of land title, vendor’s statement, settlement statement, transfer documents, and identity verification. Some additional documents may be required depending on whether you purchase, sell, or transfer the property. Please speak to our experts to find out the exact documents you would need for conveyancing.

    Does a buyer need a conveyancer?

    (a) Yes, a buyer does need a conveyancer to complete the purchase of the property. The buyer hires a conveyancer and acts as an intermediary with banks and lawyers.
    (b) Some buyers may not require the services of a solicitor (lawyer), and someone in this situation might use their lawyer – but in all cases, you will need one or more of these professionals, so who you choose depends on your circumstances. Your needs determine which professional you employ, not vice versa.

    Can a buyer and seller use the same conveyancer?

    It can be the same conveyancer however both parties will need to sign a conflict-of-interest form and if any dispute arises, both parties will need to seek alternate representation.

    What is property conveyancing?

    Property conveyancing is a process that refers to the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.

    How long does conveyancing take?

    Conveyancing takes however long the settlement is (if purchasing). If you are selling, it takes 1–2 weeks to prepare the contract and then further work occurs once it is sold and working toward settlement. The potential complexities and difficulties involved with a private property transaction (and other property business) will vary depending on who you instruct and what they do or don’t know about how these transactions work.

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    If you are looking for a professional conveyancing lawyer in Victoria, then contact Orange Legal Group. We promise to provide our services at the best conveyancing cost. We are confident that you will find our conveyancers fees to be priced reasonably. So, for all your residential or commercial property conveyancing needs in Melbourne, speak to us? Call us on (03) 8317 1070 or drop us an email at