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Welcome to Orange Legal Group, one of Melbourne’s most trusted and highly rated Conveyancers. Whether buying, selling or transferring a Residential or Commercial property in Victoria, you need an experienced Conveyancer to ensure a smooth transaction. 

Our Property Lawyers are highly experienced in the field and are equipped to provide more than just conveyancing services. As Property Lawyers, we also provide legal advice when it comes to properties anywhere in Victoria.

Buying Property

We’re here to help with every aspect of conveyancing for your upcoming property purchase, such as:

Selling Property

Our conveyancers are on hand to assist you in getting your property ready for sale, addressing tasks such as:

Other Transactions

Our team of conveyancers and property lawyers are equipped to provide assistance with other property transactions such as:

Real Estate Agencies Trust Us With Conveyancing

Our commitment to excellence has earned the trust of Top Real Estate Agencies, making Orange Legal Group the preferred choice when it comes to Conveyancing and Property Law Services in Melbourne.

What We Do

Our Conveyancing Services

We provide a wide range of expert conveyancing and property law services to meet all your property conveyancing needs.

FREE Contract Review

Bring your contract of sale to us and allow our team of experts to review the document before submission. We can explain the contract to you to help you get answers to all your questions.

Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property

We provide conveyancing services, ensuring smooth property transactions, legal compliance, and document transfers for clients buying, selling or transferring properties.

Developments and Subdivisions

Navigating property developments and subdivisions involves complexity and numerous variables. We simplify the process by providing expert guidance and assistance with applications and documents.

Stamp Duty Concession and Refunds

Clients often make overpayments to the State Revenue Office, necessitating a reassessment for a stamp duty refund. We help with property-related refunds from the State Revenue Office.

Partition Agreements

A partition agreement outlines the division of subdivided property among co-owners, crucial for minimising stamp duty and other transfer taxes. Our experts streamline this process, ensuring accurate agreement preparation.

Bank Loan, Mortgage and Guarantee Document Advice

Require advice on guarantee documents? Our expert solicitors offer comprehensive guidance to understand your rights, obligations and risks when providing a guarantee to a lender.

Streamlined Process for Property Transactions

Conveyancing Steps for Buyers and Sellers

Discover the key stages of buying and selling property in Victoria with our clear, step-by-step guide.

Switch between buyer and seller views to understand each part of the conveyancing journey.

For Buyers

Conveyancing Process for Buyers

1. Initial Consultation

Start by meeting with us to discuss your needs. We’ll provide an overview of our services and explain fees.

2. Review Contract & Section 32 Vendor's Statement

We review the Contract & Section 32 Vendor’s Statement, prepared by the seller. This document contains vital property information. Our team will recommend any necessary changes to safeguard your interests.

3. Working With Your Broker or Bank

We work with your broker or banker (or you can use our in-house broker if you would like a more seamless process) in order to obtain the relevant information from them regarding your loan and therefore how much money you need to have ready for your upcoming settlement.

4. Documentation To Sign & Verification Of Identity

We prepare a letter for you to read & understand the purchase process & also provide documents for you to sign including our costs disclosure, authority to act etc. Furthermore, we will take necessary steps to verify your identity as required by law to buy a property in Victoria.

5. Property Searches and Financial Preparations

We’ll perform essential property searches, like council, water, and land tax, and also check for owners corporation details if needed. These searches help us prepare the Statement of Adjustments, letting you know how much money you’ll need at settlement. We’ll also make sure the seller clears any owed rates.

6. Final Property Inspection

Before settlement, you’ll go to the property for a final look with the selling agent. This is your chance to spot any changes or issues that may have appeared since you signed the contract.

7. Settlement

On the agreed date as per the contract, we conduct an electronic settlement with all parties (the seller’s conveyancer, their bank, your bank) in order to effect the transfer of the property into your name and simultaneously, pay the money owed to the seller.

8. Final Letter & Settlement Statement

We send you a final letter post-settlement showing the breakdown of all payments made for your accounting purposes.

How We Can Help

Why Choose Us As Your Conveyancer in Melbourne

Over the last decade, we have provided property law and conveyancing services for thousands of clients.

Our experience and dedication to our work is invaluable, allowing you to enjoy the process of selling or buying a home and have confidence in us that your conveyancing transaction will be completed without issue.

Fast Turnaround

Our team is dedicated to providing a swift and efficient service, ensuring your property conveyancing needs are met promptly.

Responsive Communication

Count on us for prompt and clear communication, making sure you’re always informed and your questions are addressed promptly.

We Know Melbourne

We’re local to Melbourne with in-depth understanding of the property market, helping you navigate local nuances effectively.

Property Lawyers

Our expertise surpasses that of only a conveyancer. Our Property Lawyers offer comprehensive legal support for all your property matters.


Frequently Asked Questions About Property Conveyancing

We understand that our clients will have an array of questions for our solicitors.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about conveyancing services in Melbourne.

Conveyancing is the procedure of transferring a home’s ownership from one party to another. It involves all the legal and administrative work linked to the transfer. The conveyancing process is tedious and begins after an offer made for a property has been accepted. To seek guidance with the complicated procedure, it is best to hire a conveyancer who is a licensed and qualified professional offering advice on selling and purchasing a property and helping in preparing legal documentation for property transfer.

A conveyancer specialises in the conveyancing process of transferring ownership of property from one party to the other. As far as a lawyer is concerned, they offer property law and conveyancing services along with a broader range of legal services. Lawyers have specialised knowledge in the legal field and can be approached for various legal matters other than conveyancing.

The primary role of the conveyancer is the legal transfer of the property from seller to buyer. Our team at Orange Legal Group can help you make this process simpler and easier.

Whether you are buying a property or selling one, you will require a conveyancer to help you carry out the paperwork related to the real estate transfer. In most cases, the buyer and seller hire their conveyancers, who are likely to coordinate with each other on behalf of their clients. This means both parties pay their own conveyancer.

In most cases, conveyancing requires documents like a contract of sale, loan contract, certificate of land title, vendor’s statement, settlement statement, transfer documents, and identity verification. Some additional documents may be required depending on whether you purchase, sell, or transfer the property. Please speak to our experts to find out the exact documents you would need for conveyancing.

(a) Yes, a buyer does need a conveyancer to complete the purchase of the property. The buyer hires a conveyancer and acts as an intermediary with banks and lawyers.
(b) Some buyers may not require the services of a solicitor (lawyer), and someone in this situation might use their lawyer – but in all cases, you will need one or more of these professionals, so who you choose depends on your circumstances. Your needs determine which professional you employ, not vice versa.

It can be the same conveyancer however both parties will need to sign a conflict-of-interest form and if any dispute arises, both parties will need to seek alternate representation.

Conveyancing takes however long the settlement is (if purchasing). If you are selling, it takes 1–2 weeks to prepare the contract and then further work occurs once it is sold and working toward settlement. The potential complexities and difficulties involved with a private property transaction (and other property business) will vary depending on who you instruct and what they do or don’t know about how these transactions work.

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