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At Orange Legal Group, we specialise in offering conveyancing services to those looking to buy or sell a property in Box Hill. Conveyancing can be a complicated procedure, but by following the necessary steps, our team of experts ensure to make the entire process less stressful for you. Conveyancing is a long process and can involve many steps. As your conveyancer, we will guide you through this process, help you make decisions, and handle the paperwork.

Our conveyancing services In Box Hill

You can count on us for:

  • Property Law & Conveyancing services
  • Home loans, refinances, construction loans
  • Accounting & tax services

Orange Home Loans is our financial arm that offers the benefit of your home loan and conveyancing requirements all by our in-house team. Handing over the charge of your home loan and conveyancing needs to us frees you from the responsibility of coordinating between your mortgage broker and conveyancer.

Orange Legal Group’s Principal & Founder Kenan Akyildiz has completed his Bachelor of Laws in 2013 and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 2014. He then did an Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing & Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking to expand his knowledge in the field. He then worked with several reputable law firms to gain experience, and in the year 2019, he decided to launch his practice.

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    Sale, Purchase & Transfer of Property

    Are you seeking the proper support to sell your home? Please speak to our team of experts. We offer help with all the legal work involved in selling a house. Right from contract drafting to the final settlement, we help to make the procedure convenient for you.

    We also offer our services to those wanting to purchase a property. We will review the contract for you and work with you right through until the settlement. 

    Transferring a property from one party to the other involves a lot of paperwork. We can help in such situations as well. If you wish to change the ownership of your property, you need to complete a title transfer, which involves a tedious procedure depending on the property ownership type.

    At Orange Legal Group, we have the experience and expertise required to change ownership of a property. Get in touch with our Property Conveyancer Melbourne and we will show you the right way to proceed with the transfer process. 

    Developments & Subdivisions

    We offer assistance in the land division process to ensure you always make the right decision for your land.

    We promise to simplify the entire procedure for you, from assisting in creating a new title for the new land piece to checking if the landowner meets all legal obligations.  

    We understand the land subdivision process thanks to our experience and knowledge of the Land Titles Office. 

    Stamp Duty Concessions & Refunds

    Stamp duty is a tax that buyers pay for purchasing land. It is a variable fee that depends on several factors, including:

    • The territory you live in.
    • The cost at which you have purchased the property.
    • Are there any exemptions you are entitled to?

    The exact amount depends on the state or territory you live in and the price of the property.

    At times, the home buyers pay too much for stamp duty because they fail to provide the right application forms to the conveyancer by the desired date. If you feel you have paid high stamp duty for your property, we can help you.

    We can assess your application and help you determine if you are eligible to apply for a stamp duty refund. Moreover, we will guide you on how to complete the required declaration or application form and proceed with the refund process.

    Partition Agreements

    At Orange Legal Group, we also offer guidance on drafting partition agreements. A partition agreement depicts how a subdivided property has been split between the co-owners.

    Preparing a partition agreement involves a complex procedure. If done incorrectly, the co-owners may pay more stamp duty for the subdivided land. 

    To avoid paying a higher price and to draft a partition agreement accurately, it is best to count on our team of experts. 

    Bank Loan, Mortgage & Guarantee Document Advice

    Apart from our central conveyancing services Box Hill, we also specialise in financial services like home loans, refinances, and construction loans.

    As an experienced and renowned solicitor in Box Hill, we offer guarantee document advice to protect our clients from any disputes. 

    People often are not aware of what they are guaranteeing, and this is why taking legal advice for the same is essential.

    We ensure to help all potential guarantors to understand the legal consequences of agreeing to guarantee the loan.

    Free Pre-signing Contract Reviews

    It is essential to have a Contract of Sale reviewed by a conveyancing lawyer box hill to understand the conditions placed by the property seller.

    Signing the document means you agree to all the special conditions set in the contract, and there is no way you can remove these if you have signed the agreement.

    Having the contract reviewed by us will offer you clarity on the terms and conditions applied to purchasing a property. 

    At Orange Legal Group, we provide a free review for your Contract of Sale, so you do not face any issues or complications later in the deal. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I pick you as my conveyancing Box Hill?

    As a conveyancing company with years of experience, we will always be more than happy to help our clients with individual needs, including different types of property transactions.

    We care about providing detailed information and assistance for our clients from start to end. All inquiries are responded to promptly via email or telephone, so you can rest assured knowing your query is being addressed appropriately.

    Discuss Your Residential And Commercial Property Conveyancing Needs With Us

    To know more about our commercial property conveyancing Box Hill, feel free to drop an email at or call us on (03) 8317 1070.