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It can be a long and complicated process to purchase or sell property in Northcote, but at Orange Legal Group, we are here for you. Our team of experts will guide you through every step in the procedure so that everything goes smoothly with minimal stress on your end.

Our Conveyancing Services In Northcote

Choose Orange Legal when you need the following:

  • Property Law & Conveyancing services
  • Home loans, refinances, construction loans
  • Accounting & tax services

Our team at Orange Legal Group provide clients with detailed property law, conveyancing, and financial services. Our all-inclusive services include advice on home loans, refinance, and constructions loans, as well as thorough knowledge of the buying, selling, and developing process.

When it comes to property conveyancing Northcote, we offer valuable information in a timely manner. Hence, the addition of our financial sector allows us to perform home loan and conveyancing services under one roof – making it easier for your mortgage broker and conveyancer to stay connected.

When you need conveyancing lawyers with specialised skills in Northcote, choose Orange Legal Group. 

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    Sale, Purchase & Transfer Of Property

    Are you looking to buy, sell, or transfer a property? The team at Orange Legal Group can advise you on all important aspects needed to make an educated choice on buying or selling your space.

    This includes details on commercial property conveyancing in Northcote, where we can analyse real estate ownership and find the easiest way to transfer property from person to person. Additionally, we can help to draft and review contracts, transfer titles, and register your funds. 

    Transferring the deed for a property will require multiple sets of paperwork. This may be difficult to manage, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. Therefore, when you need assistance with documentation, our team is here to help.

    The type of conveyancing required for the transfer of property depends on aspects such as the kind of property ownership, how the title will be changed, and if the property is under a mortgage. At Orange Legal Group, our team has attained the skills to guide you through a property sale, purchase, or transfer. 

    Developments & Subdivisions

    The team at Orange Legal Group will assist you throughout a property subdivision transaction to ensure it remains simple and stress-free. Our professional developments team provides advice on multi-dwelling, commercial, and land subdivisions.

    In addition to our conveyancing services Northcote, we can also help create a new title for the land and ensure the owner meets all legal requirements. For a simplified subdivision process, choose our team for the job. 

    The application process attached to subdivision and planning permission can be difficult to grasp, especially when you’re unsure of where to start. Hence, Orange Legal Group will do the hard work for you and prepare and submit the subdivision application on your behalf.

    We will also liaise directly with your surveyor to ensure we have all relevant information. For more information on developments and subdivisions, contact us today. 

    Stamp Duty Concessions & Refunds

    Are you hoping you buy a property? Whether it be for personal or commercial reasons, you will be required to pay a stamp duty tax to the state. The amount you pay will depend on different variables, including: 

    • The territory in which you live 
    • The cost of your property 
    • Any exemptions you may be eligible for 

    You may feel like you have made an overpayment on stamp duty. If this is the case, you can request a reassessment and apply for a stamp duty refund. The team at Orange Legal Group can help you avoid errors in your application as we are highly experienced in the refund process.

    Hence, we will assess your application and help you complete the declaration. This will allow you to process the refund process and get back your fees. For more information on stamp duty and applying for a refund, get in touch with our team today. 

    Partition Agreements

    Co-owners of a property sign a partition agreement as it will outline how the subdivided property will be evenly split between the two people.

    The main advantage of a partition agreement is that it attracts nil or minimal stamp duty. Therefore, you will avoid paying large fees if the agreement is drafted correctly.

    Ensuring your partition agreement is without error may seem like a complex process, especially when you’ve never encountered such a document before. However, at Orange Legal Group, our Conveyancer services can guide you through the process of applying and signing a partition agreement.

    For more information on the documents needed or how a partition agreement works, get in touch with us today. 

    Bank Loan, Mortgage & Guarantee Document Advice

    Our comprehensive conveyancing services allow us to offer professional advice on bank loans, mortgages and guarantee documents.

    The financial division at Orange Legal Group will assist you with various services, including advice on home loans, refinances, and construction loans.

    Hence, we’ll ensure that you understand all financial bases when it comes to your property, including in terms of financing and becoming a guarantor.

    Additionally, we will guide you through the legal processes of signing a guarantee document to make a more informed decision. When you need a reliable conveyancer Northcote, choose our team at Orange Legal Group. 

    Free Pre-signing Contract Reviews

    Are you thinking of buying a property? Before signing a contract, you must understand each detail that has been listed to avoid any complications in the future.

    This is important as once you sign the contract, you automatically agree to each clause on the contract. Hence, not reading or understanding the terms and conditions for your property can be incredibly risky. 

    At Orange Legal Group, our team offers free pre-signing contract reviews. This will allow us to read over the contract given to you by the seller and analyse all relevant terms and conditions.

    After clearly understanding all clauses, we will present this information to you in a concise manner. Hence, this makes it easier for you to understand a complicated contract and make the best buying decision.

    In addition to analysing the contract, we may recommend making some changes based on legal or personal grounds. If you’re currently in the process of buying a property and having trouble understanding a difficult contract, contact our conveyancers today for a free review.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I pick you as my conveyancer in Northcote? 

    The team at Orange Legal Group is constantly updating their skills and conveyancing services to provide the very best advice when it comes to your buying, selling, or development project. Further, our office combines conveyancing with financial services so that we can guide you through home loans, refinances, and construction loans. Hence, for reliable conveyancing whenever it is needed most, choose our team at Orange Legal Group today.

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    Have you been searching for a ‘high-quality conveyancer near me?’ Look no further than the team at Orange Legal Group.

    Our years of experience in the industry have allowed our conveyancing solicitors Northcote to attain the skills needed to advise on the property buying, selling, and developing process.

    Our conveyancing services in Northcote are reliable and trustworthy. For more information on our local conveyors, including costs and other factors, contact us today on (03) 8317 1070 or email us at