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At Orange Legal Group, we bring unparalleled expertise to the complex world of property conveyancing and legal services.

With a team of seasoned professionals, we are recognised authorities in Melbourne’s property law sector, providing trusted and reliable counsel.

Our services are meticulously tailored to ensure they meet the high standards of diligence and compliance required in the legal landscape.

FREE Contract Review

Before you commit, our free comprehensive contract review service will dissect every clause. We’ll provide risk assessment and ensure you are fully informed about every aspect of your property transaction.

Conveyancing for Property Transactions

Specialising in meticulous property conveyancing, we oversee each transaction with a keen eye for detail, providing peace of mind and legal protection whether you’re buying, selling or transferring property.

Developments and Subdivisions

Our legal team adeptly handles the complexities of property development and subdivision, offering strategic advice and support from initial planning through to the finalisation of projects.

Stamp Duty Concession and Refunds

We offer comprehensive services to assess, apply, and secure stamp duty concessions and refunds, ensuring you’re not overpaying and that you benefit from potential savings.

Partition Agreements

Our tailored partition agreement services provide clarity and precision, guiding co-owners through the legal intricacies of property division while focusing on tax efficiency and equitable outcomes.

Bank Loan, Mortgage and Guarantee Document Advice

Receive critical legal insights into your financial agreements with our expert advice on bank loans, mortgages, and guarantees, safeguarding your interests and ensuring full understanding of every commitment.

Business and Commercial Law

With a spectrum of legal services covering all aspects of business and commercial law, we ensure your enterprise is legally fortified from foundational contracts to complex negotiations and compliance matters.

Wills and Estates

Our wills and estates services encompass thorough planning and administration, from drafting robust wills and powers of attorney to managing complex estate litigation with a compassionate and strategic approach.

Leasing and Property Matters

Our experts deliver comprehensive leasing services, including crafting and reviewing lease agreements, negotiating terms, and advising on lease disputes, providing strong legal backing in commercial and residential leasing.

Liquor Licensing

Navigate the regulatory maze of liquor licensing with our expert services, ensuring your application or transfer aligns with the latest legal requirements and industry best practices.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our litigation team is committed to resolving disputes efficiently, whether through negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings, always aiming to secure outcomes that align with your best interests.

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