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Buying or selling property is a tedious procedure. Since real estate is the most valuable asset one owns, it is important to allow an expert to handle conveyancing matters related to buying and selling of property. At Orange Legal Group, we offer property conveyancing services in Moonee Ponds to minimise legal risks and maximise savings for our clients. 

The conveyancing procedure is complicated for a layman to understand. This is why we have worked hard to simplify things for our clients and make the journey less stressful for them. 

Conveyancing is something we do daily, and hence we can guide you well on every step. We’ll sort things for you and keep you informed about the same. Thanks to our years of experience, we have the confidence to carry out the conveyancing process with great efficacy. 

Our Conveyancing Services In Moonee Ponds

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  • Property Law & Conveyancing services
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  • Accounting & tax services

Contact us for Property Law & conveyancing solicitors Moonee Ponds and Financial Services. We specialise in Home Loans and Refinances & Construction Loans (along with Orange Home Loans).

Orange Home Loans is our financial arm that gives you the convenience of getting your home loan and conveyancing needs, looked after in one office. In this case, you don’t have to put in any work to ensure your mortgage broker and Conveyancer are coordinating properly.

Our Principal and Founder, Kenan Akyildiz, has completed a Bachelor of Law in 2013 and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 2014. He chose Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing & Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking for further qualifications. He then gained experience by working at several reputable law firms. In 2019, he decided to launch his practice.

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    Sale, Purchase & Transfer Of Property

    Selling your home or any other property is a legal procedure. Managing its documentation and settling its sale may be complicated, and this is why you would require a conveyancer Moonee Ponds. At Orange Legal Group, we have the expertise to manage all legal documents on your behalf and offer you peace of mind. 

    We also offer our services to clients looking to purchase a property. We will review the contract for you and work with you right through until the settlement. You may seek help from us in case of transferring a property too. Since this involves plenty of paperwork, our team can take care of the entire procedure.

    Developments & Subdivisions

    Orange Legal Group provides help in the land division process, helping you make the right decision always. We simplify things for all our clients, from creating a new title to confirming if the landowner meets all legal requirements. 

    We have plenty of knowledge of the Land Titles Office. This helps us understand the land division process better, putting us in a better place to guide you with your requirements. 

    Stamp Duty Concessions & Refunds

    Purchasing land involves tax in the form of stamp duty. The fee for this is dependent on factors like the state you live in, the price of the property to be purchased and exemptions (if any applicable).

    There are times when homebuyers pay more for stamp duty due to the failure of providing the right application forms to the conveyancer by the set date. If our clients come to us to verify if they have paid higher stamp duty for their property, we ensure to guide them. 

    At Orange Legal Group, we assess your application to understand if you can apply for a stamp duty refund. We then guide you on completing the required declaration or application form to commence the refund procedure. 

    Partition Agreements

    We provide guidance on drafting partition agreements as well. A partition agreement is important for properties that have been subdivided. This agreement shows how the land has been split between the co-owners.

    The procedure involved in preparing a partition agreement is complex, which may become a reason for the co-owners to pay higher stamp duty. However, with the right guidance, you can ensure to prepare a partition agreement accurately. 

    At Legal Orange Group, we can help in drafting a partition agreement perfectly. Our guidance will simplify the complicated procedure and save the co-owners from paying a higher or inappropriate amount for stamp duty.


    Bank Loan, Mortgage & Guarantee Document Advice

    Our clients can count on us for financial services like home loans, refinances, and construction loans too. Moreover, if you are looking for an experienced and renowned solicitor in Monee Ponds to offer you document advice, you may speak to us. 

    Not many people understand what they are guaranteeing, and this is why we offer legal advice on guarantee documents. We help potential guarantors understand the legal consequences of signing the guarantee document.

    Free Pre-signing Contract Reviews

    The Contract of Sale is an important document. When buying a property, the buyer needs to understand all the conditions listed in this contract to avoid future complications.

    Once you sign that document, you agree to all the conditions mentioned in the contract. Hence, you must read and understand all terms and conditions thoroughly.

    At Orange Legal Group, we provide free contract review to make it easy for the buyers to understand the terms and conditions laid by the seller.

    A clear understanding of the contract in advance avoids any risks or complications later in the deal. If you are buying a property and need help with understanding the contract, speak to our experts now.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I pick you as my conveyancing Moonee Ponds?

    At Orange Legal Group, our years of experience in the property industry means that we provide high-quality conveyancing services to all clients. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or develop a property, we can assist you through the process and provide you with valuable advice.

    In addition to conveyancing, our financial sector offers expertise in home loans, refinances, and construction loans. For reliable conveyancing Moonee Ponds when needed most, choose our team today.  

    Call Us To Discuss Your Conveyancing Needs

    Our expert conveyancing Melbourne team is ready to help you with your conveyancing transactions. Whether you need guidance with residential property conveyancing or commercial property conveyancing Moonee Ponds, you can count on us. 

    For more details on our conveyancing services or cost, you can connect with us via email at or call us on (03) 8317 1070.