FREE Contract Review

At Orange Legal Group, we offer first-time clients a free contract review service that is absolutely obligation-free. If you have the Contract of Sale and Section 32 of a property, our conveyancers will review them for FREE within 2 business days.*

Need Your Contract Reviewed Urgently?

We Also Offer Expedited Contract Reviews

If you’re a first time client our Free Contract Review service is absolutely free with no strings attached.

Our Conveyancers will review your first Contract of Sale and Section 32 for free within 2 business days.

By popular demand, we also offer our Priority Same Day Contract Review service if you need a quicker turnaround time.

FREE Contract Review

2 Business Days

$220 FREE*

Standard Contract Review

1-2 Business Days

$220 inc. gst


Priority Contract Review

Submit by 10am, reviewed by 5pm!

$330 inc. gst

*The FREE Contract Review is only applicable for your first contract review with us.

If you decide to have more contracts reviewed for further properties, it will be at the standard rate of $220 inc. gst.

Experience & Expertise

Why an Obligation Free Contract Review Is Essential

At Orange Legal Group, we’ve reviewed more than 2,200 contracts whilst providing conveyancing for Victorians over the last 5 years. Understanding your contract is key in any property deal. Our free review reveals hidden clauses, legal responsibilities, and specific terms that could influence your decision. It’s a no obligation service designed to ensure you’re fully informed and confident in your property venture.

Once you see the value of our review, you’ll understand why we confidently offer the first review for free. Our no obligation approach is all about giving you complete peace of mind by highlighting any potential issues or special conditions in the contract.

All Property Types

Free Contract Review For All Property Types

Our FREE Contract of Sale Review service is designed to cater to a diverse range of property types, ensuring that whatever your property interest in Victoria, we have you covered:

Established Home

Delve into the details of existing properties with our comprehensive reviews, where we examine past ownership, any modifications, and ensure that the property’s history is transparent.

New Homes

Stepping into a brand-new home? We meticulously review contracts for newly built properties, focusing on builders’ warranties, construction standards, and ensuring everything is up to scratch.

Vacant Land

Venturing into buying undeveloped land? Our reviews cover all legal aspects, such as land zoning, potential development restrictions, and council regulations, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Off The Plan

For those eyeing future property developments, we provide specialised advice on contractual terms, including project timelines, developer obligations, and what it means for your future investment.

Commercial Properties

We also extend our services to commercial property transactions, thoroughly reviewing each aspect of the sale process to ensure your commercial venture is on solid legal ground.

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