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Orange Legal Group specialises in providing conveyancing services for those looking to buy or sell property in Altona. With our team of experts, we ensure to make the entire process of conveyancing less stressful and more efficient.

You’ve found your perfect home, but the transaction is not without challenges. It’s important to hire a conveyancing lawyer who will be available at every step to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities that may come up during this process. We’ll also check if all your contracts are legal and in order, so there’s no confusion in future.

Conveyancing is a long process involving many steps because you may either be selling or buying a property. You would want things to be recorded correctly during this procedure. As your conveyancer Altona, we will guide you through this complex world of paperwork for an affordable price!

Our Conveyancing Services In Altona

Our Altona Conveyancing services include:

  • Property Law & Conveyancing services
  • Home loans, refinances, construction loans
  • Accounting & tax services

Orange Legal Group offers Property Law & Conveyancing Services in Altona and Financial Services, including Home Loans, Refinances & Construction Loans. Along with this, we provide Orange Home Loans to offer the convenience of having your home loan and conveyancing needs are taken care of under one roof. This eliminates the hard work of ensuring your mortgage broker & your conveyancer are coordinating well.

Our Principal & Founder, Kenan Akyildiz, completed his Bachelor of Laws in 2013, and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 2014. To extend his knowledge and skill set, he took up Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing & Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking. After his studies, our principal and founder worked at several reputable law firms and then launched his practice in 2019.

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    Sale, Purchase & Transfer Of Property

    Are you selling your house? We’ll handle the legal work for a smooth process. Right from contract drafting to final settlement, we make sure that everything is taken care of your house and land conveyancing altona.

    In case you’re buying a house, we will review any contracts before they’re signed, so there are no surprises down the line. 

    There’s plenty of paperwork involved in transferring a property from one party to the other. Our experts can offer their advice to simplify things for you in such situations.

    In addition, a change of ownership requires the completion of a title transfer, which is a complex procedure depending on the property ownership type.

    With our experience and expertise, we can help you make the required changes to the ownership of a home. Speak to us regarding your property conveyancing needs, and we will guide you throughout the procedure. 

    Developments & Subdivisions

    We’re here to help you get the land division process started. Whether it’s checking if your new property meets all legal obligations or just providing some advice on how to proceed, our team of experienced professionals will do everything in their power to ensure everything goes smoothly for both parties. Are you looking for ‘conveyancer near me’. Call us today!

    Stamp Duty Concessions & Refunds

    Stamp duty is a tax that you pay when purchasing land. It’s usually determined by the territory in which the property is and its purchase price and if there are any exemptions allowed under Australian law for people who buy homes or other properties.

    Homebuyers often end up paying too much because they don’t submit their application paperwork until late.

    If you’ve already paid more than expected, you may discuss the same with us, and we can begin the procedure to evaluate if you are eligible for a refund.

    We will help you complete the required declaration to proceed with the refund procedure. 

    Partition Agreements

    You can come to us for getting your partition agreements drafted. This agreement states how a property has been subdivided amongst co-owners.

    There are multiple steps involved to draft a partition agreement, and not many will be aware of the same. However, when you hand over this responsibility to us, we ensure to get the paperwork done right. 

    We carry out all the necessary steps to correctly draft a partition agreement, so co-owners pay no paying of higher stamp duty.

    Bank Loan, Mortgage & Guarantee Document Advice

    We provide financial services like home loans, refinances, and construction loans too. As a well-known solicitor in Altona, we can offer advice to safeguard our clients from any disputes. 

    Most of our clients aren’t aware of what they are guaranteeing, and this is why we encourage them to take legal advice before they sign a guarantee document. We will read the documents carefully and explain all points to be aware of all legal consequences.

    Free Pre-signing Contract Reviews

    When you are purchasing a property, make sure to review the Contract of Sale carefully.

    This document can contain special terms and conditions that will affect your rights as a buyer. Hence, it is important to understand it completely before signing! 

    At Orange Legal Group, we offer a free review for your Contract of Sale, so there are no surprises later. Contact our conveyancing lawyer in Altona Today!

    Getting your contract reviewed by us will provide you with clarity on all the terms and conditions placed by the property seller.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I pick you as my conveyancing Altona?

    At Orange Legal Group, we are experienced in all forms of conveyancing and are equipped with the skills to help you throughout your buying, selling, and development journey. We combine our conveyancing skills with our financial sector to deliver expert advice on home loans, refinances, and construction loans. Choose our team today to understand more about us and how we can help you.

    Connect With Us To Discuss Your Residential And Commercial Property Conveyancing Needs in Altona

    Thanks to our expert conveyancing solicitors Altona team, we will simplify your conveyancing transaction’s complexities.

    If you are buying real estate, you can expect complete pre-purchase assistance. Whereas, if you are selling real estate, we will investigate your pre-sales matter and guide you through the exchange of contracts and completion.

    If you want more details on our conveyancing services in Altona, you can connect with us via email at or call us on

     (03) 8317 1070.