Kenan Akyildiz

Principal Solicitor & Director
Orange Legal Group


Kenan Akyildiz is a respected figure in Melbourne’s legal sector and the main voice behind Orange Legal Group’s enlightening articles. After earning his Bachelor of Laws at Victoria University, he pursued further studies, securing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Leo Cussen Institute and an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing and Property Law from NMIT in 2014.

Accumulating a range of legal experiences in Melbourne, Kenan established Orange Legal Group in 2019. Under his guidance, the firm has emerged as a trusted provider of conveyancing and property law services.

Kenan is a registered lawyer in Victoria and can be found on the Victorian Legal Services Board Registry of Lawyers.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Kenan is deeply invested in educating the community. As the main author for Orange Legal Group, he consistently delivers articles that simplify conveyancing and property law, ensuring that readers are well-informed and confident in their property-related decisions.


Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, Property Law

NMIT 2014

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Leo Cussen Institute 2014

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Law

Victoria University 2013

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Property Law


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Victoria’s Choice For Affordable Online Conveyancing.

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